Haaaay My God is Good Ohhhhh!!

29 Feb

Hello Peoples,
I’m not even going to bother with all this, it’s been a long time blah blah blah. I’m just going to get in here, and give ya’ll the 411.

So yaaas it’s 2016, the year has begun and it’s about changes and making those New Year’s resolutions. About how were going to be better this year, than we were last year (and all the rest of it). But you know what…it’s good to make resolutions, I guess without them you’ll never pursue your dreams, ambitions, hopes and become who you truly want to be. So claps for those (and myself), who set those NEW YEAR goals.

Funny enough….my goals seem to be coming to fruition VERY quickly. Because even before 2016 hit, all I could see around me was things, places, people and situations being turned around. Chipped, chopped and screwed, to what I can only describe as making a path for me to walk through and get my act together.


It’s quiet strange (You’re going to have to be a true Christian, to understand this one but stay with me). You know when god wants to do something in your life, and he just starts turning everything upside down. It seems like you’re caught in the mist of a hurricane, because everything you thought you knew, or you had on lock. Suddenly he starts shifting it up, like he’s saying “Baby girl this is not it, there’s a higher level for you, there’s something else you should be doing, there’s somewhere else you need to be right now”. And amazingly you know what…..for once in my life, I’m not resisting anymore. I have given everything over to my god. He already knew how things were going to turn out, he already knew he would cut my grass so I could see everything that was moving on my lawn that shouldn’t be there…  

 For once I’m actually listening, not fighting not using my own understanding or reasoning. But trusting in my lord 100%, that what he’s doing in my life is ORDAINED and is the right thing. So no matter what, as long I follow him I will always be in my calling. I will always be in the right place, and I will never miss my purpose or opportunities.  

Let me tell you something you know how good it feels, to finally give in and not fight to use my own understanding. But to actually follow him, in all I seek and undertake. Father god I love you sooooo much, you are sooo good to me. If I love you one more time YOU SEE!

I forgot to say it in January HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!!!

Hope everyone has had an amazing new year thus far, I’m hoping all those dreams and hopes are coming true. Just to share how amazing my new year has been, that noose around my neck of a job that I slogged at for almost two years. I’ve now said SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR “Whoop Whoop” (I will share the gore of that one in another post soon)!

B Xx

British Fashion Awards 2016

15 Dec

So if you read, my last post you would have heard about me not feeling too great hence my absence from blogging. However not feeling great did not stop me attending, one of the most prestigious fashion events of the year. Yaaas your girl booked up her ticket, and went along to the British fashion awards!!!!


Oh my gawsh it was an AMAZING night. Firstly I was supposed to be going with my group, then a member pulled out so a ticket became spare and I decided to take the hubs 🙂 When we arrived near the London Colosseum, the road was cordoned off. As we had our fancy invites, we were permitted to drive down the closed road. So driving along, we see the paparazzi snapping and eagerly shouting whilst taking some girls picture. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so I couldn’t see who it was 🙁


Eventually the excitement got the better of me, so I told hubs to find a space to park the car. I jumped out, and took residence alongside the crowds gathered along the street to celeb spot!! And oh my did I see some celebs!!!!!! In sub-zero temperatures, I managed to spy Rosie Huntington Whitley, Tiny Temper and Naomi Campbell!!! I was hoping to get a peek of Posh and David, but no luck  So the hubs calls me and tells me to get my behind to the entrance of the building, as the que is building up. So that was it, my street celeb spotting was over.




So after rushing to join the que, they had us standing and waiting outside for what seemed like eternity. They claimed doors opened at 7.30pm, however they did not let us in until 9.30pm!!! Yes ya’ll they had your girl standing outside in heels, in zero degree temperatures for 2 hours!!! When the que eventually started to move, and we were admitted to the red carpet area where the celebs had stood earlier. It was truly amazing the lights, the background and red carpet. I can’t lie I was feeling super excited. So after walking up what seemed like a gazillion amount of stairs, we entered the main theater and I could have fainted. Directly below us sat the likes of Carl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, FKA Twigs, Lady Gaga, Naomi Campbell, Jourdan Dunn, Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne plus much more



My hubby literally had to poke me to keep moving, and go find our seats. Once seats were found, I spied the ultra-fashionable goodie bags lovingly placed on all the chairs. And trust me, I’ve been to lots of fashion events, and been promised the coveted “Goodie bag”. Only to find they stuffed them with leaflets (Seriously, I’m not kidding) or useless products. But the goodie bags at the British Fashion Awards, were pure class. One quick scan revealed Mac Make up (Eye shadow and mascara), Proper popcorn, Fiji water, Toni & Guy hair products, box of Lindt chocolates and cocktail drink (To make when you get home).



But on with the show!!! Hosted by Jack Whitehall, he introduced celeb after celeb to the stage and issued awards. To be honest after a while it was getting slightly samey samey, and then my hubby nudged me and said LOOK, LOOK THERE. I was looking and couldn’t see anything, so I said “What” and he goes there’s Victoria and David. I look again and then I see my fave couple (and my role model), VICTORIA and DAVID BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Oh my gosh, the moment I saw them I couldn’t stop looking at them and trying to take photos of them. Which didn’t come up that great as we were too far away, but by heck I could see them 🙂 The Beckham’s really surprised me, sod what you read in the papers. Victoria and David are very much in love, even Stevie Wonder can see that. David loves her very much as he was stroking her back and everything.

What was also really surprising, is that Victoria is down to earth and quite normal. At times you could see she was blatantly bored, and was fidgeting. Then another time, she just rolled up her sleeves, and then she just grabbed her jacket from behind her chair, and just swung it over her shoulders and put it on. I know I’m going on and on, but the media really make you think that they (Victoria) is obnoxious. But seeing her in person, she’s just a normal chick.

At the end of the show tho Victoria pulled a true celeb move, she just got up and walked off. She didn’t mingling with the waiters or celeb folk, she hot footed it off away from all the festivities. Whilst Becks stayed behind, laughing and chatting with the waiters, taking pics and mingling with the other stars. I swear I kept asking my hubby to pinch me, as I was standing there looking down at Becks chatting and laughing and mingling with celebs directly below where we were standing :)


The show was over and we were about to head out, and I was on cloud nine not thinking it could get any better. Then my hubby spies’ loads of gift bags left on chairs, so he calls one of the security over and asks if we can have the bags. He says yeah sure and passes us four extra good bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So I end up with 4 mac palates and four Mac mascara/s, loads of Toni and guy hair products, boxes of Lindt chocolates and a few packs of proper popcorn…not bad for an evening out in London Ehh 



B Xx

My Come Back is Bigger Then My Set Back!

13 Dec

In case you’re wondering (because it’s been that long, since I’ve posted) yes it’s me Mrs B 🙂

I’m still here, I haven’t disappeared but been quite busy well….if truth be told not really so busy, but more in an extremely strange state of mind…. Since September/ October it’s been very touch and go. I mean I’ve been to some amazing places like afternoon tea at the Waldorf, The British fashion awards, and to see a show at the theater.


So you’d think after doing all this, I’d have documented the lot but nope! I haven’t written any blogs, posted any pictures or updated Facebook. I’ve actually done NADA. To be honest, most things seem to be quite flat at the moment. Usually I’m filled with so much excitement and drive, but at the moment nothing seems to be connecting. Even to settle down to write this post, it’s taken me the best part of the day (Only just, as I’ve spent the morning watching season 5 of the walking dead 🙂 to get my mind right and get relaxed to sit with my laptop and type. I mean don’t get me wrong in my heart I love blogging, but I’ve just not been able to settle down and dedicate to it. Like most things in my life at the moment…

images (5)

I guess I’m going through a phase, I mean no one can be up all the time and at every moment during the day. We all face down times, I guess for me that’s where I’m at now I’m facing a down time. As this down time business, has been frustrating the heck out of me. I decided to do a lil research, and found some interesting information that’s finally pinpointed what’s going on.

Basically your gal could possibly have burnt herself out!! With working full time, running the group, blogging, taking care of my family and everything else it’s all basically come to a head.


To be honest taking a peek online has been a breath of fresh air, because at least I know what’s been going. Why I’ve been so tired after work, loss of motivation to blog, or do much activities…

Attorney: Busy, busy, busy.

Attorney: Busy, busy, busy.

So after all the swotting up on how to bounce back from burnout, I’ve decided to cut back on lots of things. I’m reducing my social/friends time to almost ZERO, for the remainder of 2015. I’ll look at revising things again at some point next year, but for now I feel like I need to dextox from all the social stuff.


I’m also going to actively increase joy in my life, and do things that are full of joy for me. Like reading quotes, doing something fun with my kids, watching a good movie, blogging just anything that I find rewarding and joyful. I’ve also signed up for a few seminars just before the end of the year, to kick start things and get my head into the right mode of thinking. As earlier today I had a look at my accomplishments for this year, and I was doing soooooo well, blogging regularly, happy family life, savings were going well etc and then from around August 2015 it’s just all went downhill.

images (4)

But hey I guess they say once you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up RIGHT… So um yup this is me, this is where I’m at, at the moment. However with the lord on my side and determination, I know I won’t be on this road for too long. Although on the flip side, I’m trying to learn from this journey. As I’ve seen and heard some things in the past few months, that I never knew of before. And I am defiant that I’ll not let these experiences be in vain, I’ll be for sure using them to help build a better, strong ME…


B Xx

Girly Trip To Viva Barcelona

2 Nov

So I know I’ve been a bit quiet of late (soweee), but a lot of it has been due to yours truly planning a girly trip to Barcelona!!!!!!!!! Yaaaas you heard right, your girl has been doing a lil….scrap that….a lot of planning, preparing, booking apartments and just generally doing everything thing to make sure my first hosted girly trip goes to plan. Guess what….everything thing did go to plan, we had an awesome time. A few of us met at Gatwick airport, and then we headed over to Sunny ish Barcelona where we were later met at the apartment, by my other gal pals.

So what did we get up to whilst we were out there?? Well we took a lovely stroll down Las Ramblas, where we tasted the most delicious GELATO!!! Your girl had a delish Hershey’s white chocolate with crunchy flakes cup and man……was it delish. We also did a boat tour, and a bus tour that departed from the main pier and took us all over the main city.

As we rented an apartment just outside the city, we had to take the Metro to and from town every day, which was like a tour in its self. For some reason in Barcelona, they don’t seem to believe in having escalators in train stations. For real though, the one’s they do have mostly go up (and not down), and even with those there’s still not many. How do I know all this….well in order to get to our apartment, we had to use the Metro. And when we were leaving Barcelona, we used the Metro and man was it a B**** carrying a heavy ass suitcase up and down stairs in station 🙂 But I guess on the up side, we saved muchos moneyos lol therefore giving us more funds for shopping!!!!

So what was the shopping like over there…man it was super cool. They sell some lovely woollen jumpers etc at some fab prices, like two for 20 Euros and the quality TOP NOTCH!! I also did some research prior to our arrival, and found a retail outlet selling designer items, and you know your girl was super happy about that 🙂 I purchased my first coach bag (Wahoooooooo) a gorgeous black shopper that I’ve been lusting over FOREVER!!! Most of my girl pals bought “super cheap” real Michael Kors handbags (From the original Michael Kors boutique). I also bought a Michael Kors purse, so I was well happy.

 So yeah in between the shopping, and the sightseeing of historic places like “Sagrada Familia”, that wouldn’t let us in until 5pm (unfortunately it was our last day, so we didn’t get to go in at all). And heading to Port Olympic, we also spent an incredible amount of time sampling the best of Spanish Fare. We had some of the most deliciously soft fish ever, homemade pasta and the freshest cakes I’ve ever tasted. So much so that I visited the cake shop EVERYDAY (ESPANS, I have to give ya’ll a shout out, you guys are doing the most those cakes are everything)!!!

All in all viva La Barce was super fun, I had a brill time. The place was fab, the people were friendly, the food was deliciously fresh overall Barce is just a really cool city. Truly I had so much fun, I’m planning to go back for round two. Only this time I’ll be taking the hubby with me..…Watch this space!

 B Xx

Gino’s Ristorante Barcelona Review

20 Oct

Hi yah,
So your girl just got back from an awesome girly trip, to viva Barcelona!!!!! But I’ll be writing about that in another post. For now though, I need to tell ya’ll about a delicious restaurant I visited whilst out in Barce…drum roll…GINO’S Ristorante!!!

Based in the heart of Placa de Catalunya, Gino’s is a deliciously modern Italian eatery…think Jamie Oliver or Zizzis but like 1000 times better. After a long day of sightseeing, six hungry London gals rocked up to Gino’s who were more than pleased to see us. We were welcomed in with friendly wit and warm humour.

Once inside we were taken to a lovely part of the restaurant, which had leather sofa’s for seating. After getting comfortable and being given our menus, we were delighted to find out they had a menu in English!!!!! Yaaaassssss….you know we were super pleased right :)

After umming and ahhhing, and reading and then re-reading the menu. We decided to opt for a set menu, which consisted of 3 courses and a drink for 16 Euros!

Once our food arrived, I can safely say we were NOT disappointed!! My starter was a cheese and mushroom wrap, served with a light salad and a honey mustard dip. Then for my mains, I had the most delicious tomato pasta, I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. The tomatoes were ripe and fresh, the pasta was cooked to perfection and the herbs were just divine.

After wolfing down my mains and starters, it was on to the dessert. They had quite a range of things to choose from including chocolate cheese cake, cheese crackers and chutney and profiteroles. I choose the profiteroles, with chocolate on the side. And man oh man were they delicious!! Also because my chocolate was served on the side, I rationed the amount of chocolate I put on my dessert so my dessert was perfecto!

Ratings out of 5 stars ****
I give Gino’s a full 5 stars out of FIVE, now I’ve been to a lot of restaurants and sampled a variety of fare, and so far I’ve never given ANY eatery a full 5 stars. But Gino’s definitely deserves it, good food lovely surroundings, and friendly staff simply amazing!! As I write now I’m already in the process of booking another trip to Barce, just to give Gino’s another visit.

B Xx

Restaurant Review Balthazar Covent Garden!!!

19 Sep

Friday after work, you know what that means if I don’t go straight home…. Yaaas it means I’m out with the girls, which also usually means testing out some fab new restaurant somewhere in central London. So last Friday saw us sampling the delights of Balthazar!!!!

Located in swanky Covent Garden, my gal pals and I arrived at around 6ish and were quickly seated, by a lovely host. First things first, I had to do my usual 360 scan of the interior and man all I can say was we were in for a treat 🙂

Inside, Balthazar is styled like a traditional French Bistro, but with all the posh trimmings thrown in. Brass lamp shades are draped from the ceilings, and decadent red carpets and sumptuous furnishings give the restaurant that je ne sais quoi. But enough about all that on to the food!!!

We choose to dine from the set menu, which was £17 for a two courses. Let me tell you, those two courses were absolutely delicious!! I ordered a main which consisted of a lovely sole fillet, with a salsa sauce and mussels. For desert I opted for cheese cake, which turned out to be the most delicious cheese cake I’ve ever tasted in my life. The cheese cake was served in a small circle, with a crumbled biscuit to match. On the side we were also treated to a grape flavoured ice cream, which was super delish. So after a few wines, lots of laughter and chatter it was time to get the bill. Which came up super affordable, as it was under £100 for all four of us!!!

Star rating ***
I give Balthazar a star rating of three, they would have a got a four from me if it wasn’t for an over friendly waiter. Who seemed quite pleasant and funny, but then quickly turned quite annoying and almost lewd…urghhh think inappropriate jokes, because you’re serving a group of women! But overall it was a fab night out, would I go again of course! The food was absolutely delish and cooked to perfection!

B Xx

Bubble dogs restaurant review

13 Aug

Bubble dogs the name its self sounds super strange, I mean what does it mean? A dog in a bubble lol Well if you think the name is weird, you need to take a peek at the menu….But before I jump into all that, I’ll tell ya a lil bit about this fab place! 


Located near Goodge Street, Bubble dog is a retro esq all American hot dog joint. That serves a variety of Hot dogs, small amount of sides and champagne!!! Yaaaas you heard right, the menu consists of hot dogs and lots and lots and lots of Champaign. My girl pal booked a table for 6, so upon entry we were expected to be seated and given menus etc But noooooooooooo.


In true retro stylee we were shown to a wooden high table, with wooden stools for seats. To be honest we wasn’t too impressed with this, so we enquired about proper table and chairs seating. We were promptly told that the wooden table and stools, was all they had. So disappointment over, we decided to delve into the menu to see what was on offer.


Starting with the drinks, there were 100’s (ok slight exaggeration) of different Champaign’s to try either by the bottle or by the glass. None of my girls are real big alcohol drinkers, so we decided to go for a glass. I can’t remember the name of it now, but the champers was delicious and fruity!!


Food time!!! The hot dog menu was pretty easy to navigate, they had a few home favourites like plain ole dog, Currywurst and Bratwurst. Then they had some American stylee ones like the New Yorker, Mac Daddy and the Horny Dog 😉 I tried to get really excited with my dog, but then decided to stick with what I know. So I decided on the New Yorker, which consisted of a bratwurst sausage and fried onions!! For sides there wasn’t much to choose from, it was literally sweet potato fries, coleslaw or tots and I went for the tots.


So after placing our order, me and my girlies got down to some good ole gossiping whilst we waited for our meal. It was strange because we couldn’t smell any food cooking, so we wondered where the food was actually coming from. Although we needn’t have worried, as around 10 mins later our meals arrived and they looked delish. The sweet potato fries were nice and crispy, and my New Yorker hot dog was mega tasty. So much so I could have easily had another one 🙂 The onions were nicely fried, and the sausage tasted like quality meat and had a nice smoky flavour. Ahhhhhh how could I forget the tots!!! Furthermore what are tots?!? Tots are basically mini potato croquettes!! The ones served at Bubble dogs, are really delicious and hot. The only down side to them is they are a lil bit salty, it was that bad that my gal pals left a load them when they finished eating 🙁


Ratings out of 5 stars ****

I give Bubble dogs 4 out of five stars, reason they didn’t get the big 5 is because the Tots were salty 🙁 Also the staff were a bit too eager to get rid of us, after we finished our meal. I mean I know it’s a small venue, and they operate timed seating which they tell you about beforehand. But they hover around your table and bring you your bill, before you ask for it. After a while all the looking and hovering, becomes really uncomfortable and annoying. So for me it was all just a lil bit too pushy!!! Would I visit Bubble dogs again? Most def my hubby loves a good ole hot dog, so for sure I’ll be surprising him with a visit 🙂

B Xx

Why Boys EQUALS Boisterous!!

12 Aug

So with all the excitement our new kitten and everything, our little one has been on overdrive!!! It’s like he’s ears are NOT working. At the moment everything you tell him or ask him to do, he’s either doing the complete opposite or continuing to do what he’s being told not to do. And yesterday evening, he paid sorely for those actions…

So after bothering L.A for the afternoon, he decided to go play on the swing in the garden. Now our youngest swinging in the garden is normal, he goes off to play in the garden all the time. However he knows NOT to swing too high, as the swing frame has been weakened from the ground. Why is the swing weakened from the ground…..because our youngest and he’s sister, decided that climbing on the swing frame is much better than actually swinging!!!

So into the house the hubby and I went, and left the kids to play in the garden warning them both not to swing too high. So what does our youngest do……he decided to go on the swing and swing extra high. The RESULT….The swing frame lifted out of the ground, and scratched his foot as it landed. Wait it gets better!!! Now the swing poles and everything are all up in the air. Hence perfect time to call mum and dad for help. NOOOOOOOOO our youngest decided to try and lift up the heavy 8 foot something swing frame, and try to put it upright. The frame fell down again, this time hitting him on the back of the head!!!

Result Tish had an open head wound with flesh hanging out, and quite a lot of blood. So again we had to jump in the car, and head straight down to our local hospital. Where they cleaned up his head wound, and then glued the wound together. They gave us some children’s painkillers, and we had to keep a close eye on him for the next 48 hours. So you know what that meant…Monday morning I’m not at work. I’m at home on head watch lol!!

I love my son lord knows I do, but man he can be super boisterous. When it comes to getting hurt, doing overly energetic things he always seems to be at the front of the que! Hmmmm I’m beginning to feel like I loved it more when he was a lil bubba, who couldn’t move…at least he couldn’t hurt himself….Then again I don’t miss changing those nappies 🙂

B Xx

Birthday Celebrations & Dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co!!!

4 Aug

I know I’ve already done a review for Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, in London’s Leicester Square (Click here to peek the review and pics). However yesterday was our first borns birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMMS mummy and daddy love you loads!!!!!! 

 So after a day of birthday shopping, in London’s Oxford Street and Leicester Square. We decided to end the evening, with a family dinner at Bubba Gumps!!! I must admit this restaurant was becoming a firm family fave, so imagine our disappointment when we discovered their standards had gone down since we last visited last year.

The slushie drinks were a lil bit too sweet, staff took almost 30 mins to take and bring our drinks order. When the food finally graced our table, it was tasty no denying that but the portions were noticeably smaller. Would have been fab if the price was smaller too…unfortunately it wasn’t as we were slapped with an £113 pound bill for dinner for a family of two adults and two children OUCH!!!! 

 Will we back, hmmmm probably as the food was still good… Just have to save first though, who knows what the bill will be like next time. 

 B Xx

Btw how did I forget to mention, when did Dune start handing out complimentary water for visiting their store?!? We went in for a browse and were all given Dune branded bottle water 🙂

We have a new edition to our family!!!

3 Aug

For the longest time, I’ve been speaking to the hubby about getting a kitten. And he’s always moaning saying he doesn’t like them, he thinks that kittens are hard work blah blah blah. So I decided to leave all things kitten, and just get on with my merry business. 

 Then last Thursday my hubby told me, that you can get free kittens on Gumtree. So me being me, I decided to log on and have a look and guess what he was sooo right! There were pages and pages of ads, for free and priced kittens. Now don’t be fooled as much as there are loads of kitten adverts on Gumtree, a LOT of those adds are posted by timewasters!!!

 I emailed and texted roughly 12 people, one sent me a picture of the kitten but wouldn’t answer any of my questions…ooh very suspicious. Another had sold the kitten I fell in love with, and the last person was lovely on the phone. She answered all of my questions, and stated that she would text me her address, so I could visit. That was the last I heard from her, no text and she wouldn’t answer her phone! 

 No kidding, I just about getting ready to give up and go to the pet shop (though pet shops are pricy, kittens start from like £195!!!!). Then on Saturday morning, I saw an advert for four kittens and one was a lovely grey colour. I instantly phoned the advertiser, who agreed on a meeting of 12pm the next day. 11.45am the next morning, we were at our potential kitty’s house….the moment I saw her I knew I loved her!!!! Yes our baby kitten is a she, and we’ve named her L.A (btw the hubby hates the name, but I think it’s fitting as she’s a lil diva :). 

 So we’ve bought little L.A’s litter tray, food and all the other bits and pieces and now were in the settling in phase. She was super shy when we first got her home, so much so she hid under the sofa for a couple of hours. She was also refusing to eat, drink or use her kitty litter. However after watching a few Youtube videos (Thanks the heavens for Youtube). I found how I could manually feed her. So I’ve been rubbing a bit of whiskers kitten food on her nose, then she’ll eat the food from the floor (She won’t eat from her kitten bowl yet). Then for fluid, I’m giving her water at regular intervals using a syringe. As she won’t drink the water from her bowl! 

 So yeah at the moment it’s lots of fun and games, but you know what I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s only been 2 days and we love her sooo much!!! Even the kids, I’m having to keep a keen eye on them as they won’t leave her alone they want to take turns to hold her 🙂 

 Ahh I guess it’s because it’s all new to them…tho….let’s wait and see next week if they are still up for changing her litter 🙂 

Update: L.A is now eating from her kitten bowl yaay, actually it’s not a kitten bowl it’s a saucer. But hey it’s progress from eating off the floor lol 

 B Xx